Nurturing positive mental health among citizens of all ages should be a priority for all governments, as a measure of societal well-being. However, despite the importance of positive mental health for society; reports from the WHO find that, “neuropsychiatric disorders account for 26% of the burden of disease in the EU; accounting for up to 40% of years lived with disability, with depression as the main cause.” In addition, this report estimates that up to 50% of chronic sick leave from the workplace in Europe are due to depression and anxiety. The cost of these depressive disorders and mental ill health is estimated at €170 billion per annum to the economy of the EU-27. 


Families are the bedrock of our society. Families provide safety and security for young children, care for the elderly; a springboard to launch your life and a safety net to fall back into if it doesn’t quite work out. Family learning is effective in having a significant and lasting impact on children’s learning, giving them greater confidence and self-belief (NIACE, 2016). Family learning also brings a sense of solidarity, cohesion and stimulation to adults and children who learn together. However, research tells us that in families where parents suffer with mental ill-health, children are at a higher risk of developing mental illnesses than other children. While risks can be inherited through their genes, most of this risk comes from an unpredictable and inconsistent family environment that can contribute to the mental ill-health of young people. When 20% of Europe’s population experience depression, anxiety, and poor mental health, it is consistent to estimate that mental health issues affect a significant proportion of European families. As such, the primary motivation behind the TAMUS project is to address a need to support European families to manage their mental health.

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Jugendförderverein Parchim/Lübz e.V.

Since 1992 Jugendförderverein Parchim/Lübz e. V. (JFV) operates as non-profit organization set out to give innovative impulses for encouraging the occupational integration and development of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth and adults, especially early school leavers and NEETs, youth and adults with migrant backgrounds as well as unemployed youth and adults. JFV offers a wide range of services centered on the needs of these target audiences that aim to prepare, motivate, encourage and educate them for training/occupation in labor market as well as supporting and guiding them in their personal development. 

ENOROS Consulting Ltd

ENOROS Consulting Ltd is a SME and was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management and Implementation in Cyprus and in the European area, providing comprehensive consulting and management services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management and evaluation of development programs and projects, both at national and European levels.

The Rural Hub


The Rural Hub was first established as an association in 2012. In 2017, The Rural Hub was established as a Company Limited by Guarantee to continue its actions and further develop the range of activities and services it provides. The Rural Hub works within the rural economy and society in Ireland. Through our work in Erasmus+ projects, our aim is to bring educational innovation to our rural communities, where many services are lacking and where there is a gap in the provision of quality education pathways beyond school education.


KMOP, founded in 1977, is one of the
oldest civil society organizations in Greece. The organization is missioned to make a positive impact in society through
innovative interventions and effective
social policy design. Apart from offering
non-formal educational opportunities,
KMOP Education & Innovation Hub aims to expand to formal education through collaborations that it is establishing with academic institutions and accredited universities (e.g. the UN University for Peace).


Storytellme have been established in 2014 as the result of the joint efforts from a group of innovative and creative driven experienced professionals in the areas of digital literacy and educational project management. It operates in the area of literacy combined with entertainment, through the publishing of personalized books. Storytellme has specific expertise in the development of creative concepts for non-formal education initiatives and projects, where it applies its innovative digital products, materials and approaches on different and diverse target groups. Among others, the tools and methodologies used for this learning and process innovation are in the fields of Design Thinking, Storytelling and Creative Design. 

la Compagnie du Nouveau Monde

LA COMPAGNIE DU NOUVEAU MONDE was created in 1988, with the aim of promoting the artistic practices of theater and audiovisual, within the framework and for the development of training, research, creations, productions, and broadcasts in the EURE department in France. Through collective training, workshops, and socio-cultural activities, la Compagnie du Nouveau Monde promotes solidarity, tolerance, benevolence, and individual fulfillment for the collective.


INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of
Development and Training, is a private and
independent centre for Research,
Development and Innovation whose
mission is to design and carry out projects
that contribute to achieve a sustainable
and inclusive development through
education, culture and innovation.
The centre designs and develops innovative
tools, methodologies, products and
services that respond to current social and
economic challenges and enable to
anticipate and drive the changes needed to
achieve future goals and objectives in


Co&So is a consortium located in Florence which includes 24 cooperatives working in the social, educational and cultural field. Co&So has a longstanding experience in projects aimed at promoting Educators competences. In the last 10 years, Co&So has been involved in over 50 EU projects. Co&So has a longstanding experience in projects aimed at promoting the social and inclusion of disadvantaged families

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